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Getting results in today’s political climate requires the support of key government decision makers in Ottawa. No one works harder to achieve your policy and programmatic goals than I do. We specialize in government relations and provide our clients with the guidance and access required to achieve their goals. HSC offers a comprehensive array of services. Whether you are a small company with a great idea or a business with thousands of employees and billions of dollars in sales, We are tenacious about advancing your cause so that public officials hear your message in a credible manner and that they have the information needed to make well-informed decisions. We will be the best spokespeople for your interest.

Crafting a government affairs strategy for getting a message out to key decision makers and opinion leaders.
Corresponding with public office holders about your particular undertaking, including everything from proposals to regulations, bills, policies, programs, the receipt of federal grants, financial benefits and federal government contracts.

• Identifying the precise level of government and political staff members necessary to engage with on your behalf.
• Marketing a product or service to the Government of Canada.
• Acting as a spokesperson to the appropriate government officials for your needs.
• Communicating with elected or appointed government officials.
• Working with honesty, integrity, professionalism and a high ethical standard.
• Arranging meetings between clients and public office representatives.